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TS-3000 angle 1P design


TS-3000 angle 1P design

DE LUXE TS-3000 connection systems for radiators

Angle model for one-pipe systems, with continuously pre-settable upper thermostatic insert TS-98-V in the return flow; Thermostatic head connection M 28 x 1.5, supply valve lockable, return flow can be shut off via TS valve, radiator connection G ½ with O-ring, valve connected via freely-rotating nut. Pipe connection M 22 x 1.5 with cone for compression adapter connection, pipe centre spacing 50 mm. Compression adapters must be ordered separately.

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Code Description
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S 3791 41 TS-3000 angle 1P design, chrome
  • 1
S 3791 44 TS-3000 angle 1P design, white
  • 1
S 3794 49 TS-3000 angle 1P design, matt black
  • 1