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HERZ PROplan Manager 5 AT

HERZ PROplan is a 3D planning software that enables the easy planning and design of surface heating, radiator and drinking water systems and the thermal calculation of buildings.


The software offers a range of innovative features to improve the efficiency and quality of a engineer’s daily work. It guides him/her through all phases of design planning, starting from installation plans, hydraulic and thermal calculations to the final printout. Heating systems with radiators or with underfloor heating can be fully designed and dimensioned including risers. At the end of the operation the software will produce a materials list with all the required HERZ products. Radiators and heating circuit manifolds as well as the integrated fittings and valves in the heating system can be selected from the available HERZ product database. HERZ PROplan enables the design of combined systems, such as radiant heating systems together with additional convective heating elements.


HERZ PROplan also contains a module for calculating the heat losses. Thermal calculations are made using a modelled building structrue and according to heat loss standard EN 12831. Based on the results, a central heating system can be designed and optimized.

To simplify the graphical output HERZ PROplan is based on 2D plan views. However, the user can view the entire design in 3D and also make changes to the model using this view.

HERZ PROplan Manager 5 AT

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